Dibujo y color, In English, Mi poesía

This does not come from the conscious mind.
My mother tongue does not let me drift in foreign fields.
For this I do not feel bad, but I perceive a limp in my thoughts
and in my willingness to utter an emotion
that trespass the fictitious border of a country
and surely travels across an inmense sea
leaving our communication torn asunder.

Still, there is a collective mind dwelling in the dreams
which does not stick to translation and goes
beyong grammatical patterns
and sets an order in this messy isolation
and does not surrender to the fact
that we are all bits that belong to the same «one»
and thus speak the same language
though pronounced differently.

Here is my message to you
that does not come in a bottle:
there is simplicity in understanding each other by sensing
and that is all that counts for the moment.

Thank you indeed, and thank you always, for that simplicity.

To you, Doree.