Brotes de realidad

Dibujo y color, Mi poesía

¡Qué extraña forma de nacer tenemos!
Siempre con la tendencia a subir
los unos siguiéndonos a los otros,
esperando el turno para encaramarnos
con audacia o con estupidez.

Y todo para que después,
en el simple retroceso del impulso,
nos quedemos vacilantes
suspendidos de las ramas.

¿Qué sería de nosotros sin la duda?
Esa maravillosa y apreciada duda eterna.

11 comentarios en “Brotes de realidad

  1. I just want to make sure you understood that I was referring to ‘doubt’ as a ragged little friend. It ‘doubt’ can be nasty, but it can also be one’s friend. I loved your thought, although, I cannot put it into words that make sense. It is such a deep and beautiful thought…♥️

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Jajaja, oh my, Doree, at first I thought “what is she trying to say?” I even searched for the word on Google. I thought “there must be a sense of the word too much for my little knowledge of English 😅… But then no, believe me, I saw it had to do with “doubt”. It was funny. I thought “what did I do to this poor woman that treats me this way! An offensive drawing for sure”. Joking apart, I thank you so much for caring. But no, it was clear. My “beaming smile and in silence” was for true appreciation of your words. This WP is a really “ragged little friend”, I guess. And to tell you the truth, I feel the same as you, I sometimes, and lately most often, don’t know how to put things into words that make sense, hence my silence of my previous comment. Big hug always🤗🌺

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      1. Oh thank goodness! I respect you too much to refer to you as a ragged little friend, I’m sorry if you thought that was meant for you for one moment. But now that we understand each other I do get a bit of a giggle at our misunderstanding. It’s funny how much facial expressions and body language could have helped in this situation…And thinking about your words above, I’m not sure that your art or words could ever offend me. They make me think deeply ♥️. Same back to you 🤗♥️! Enjoy the rest of your evening!

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